How to Cut a Tree Down Close to a House - 5 Important Tips

How to Cut a Tree Down Close to a House (2021)

The knowledge of how to cut a tree down close to a house is very important. Having a tree growing next to your home is a wonderful experience – to watch it grow and become stronger, maybe even put a swing on its branches and tell your kids about the change of seasons on the example of that tree.

It can be planted by you, or your ancestors, or maybe people who used to live in the house you moved to.

However, sometimes trees can be dangerous too – when growing too close to the property, when getting infected, when having branches too heavy, etc. Removing trees, especially close to the estate, requires concentration and care.

This is why we prepared a short guide for you on how to cut a tree down close to a house.

How to Cut a Tree Down Close to a House - 5 Important Tips
Removing the tree close to a house

Why should I remove a tree that is growing too close to the house?

Before you dive into this dangerous adventure of cutting down a tree near a house, let’s look through what can be your kick start to do so.

  1. Your tree can be decaying or even dead. This kind of tree is highly susceptible to storm damage and is generally way weaker than average. And whilst most things come and go unnoticed, these trees can put on quite a messy show if falling on something standing nearby, like a house.
  2. Being an unpleasurable thing for the property owners, decaying or dying tree is a favorite spot for the insects – it provides them both food and roof, leaving nothing to dream for. As great news as it is to insects, property owners can be disturbed by these little guests making their way into the house when wandering around the area.
  3. Root system breaking through the house foundation. A strong and intricate root system is beneficial for any tree but can pose a threat to the house foundation when growing too close to it. They also can put other features of your house and your landscape in jeopardy; thus the roots should gain extra attention when removing a tree.
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How to Cut a Tree Down Close to a House - 5 Important Tips
Removing the tree close to a house

How to cut down a large tree near a house?

Once you estimated the situation well and decided that taking the tree down is exactly the right thing to do, here are the steps you can follow to make the process nice and smooth. However, in case you hesitate, if you are capable of performing the task yourself, we strongly advise you to hire professionals for this matter.

  1. First, remove tree branches with a chainsaw. You would prefer to start from the lower and going all the way up; this way it prevents the upper branches from clashing with lower ones and reduce the risk of them getting broken.
  2. It is highly recommended to tie a rope around the branches before cutting them free, as it gives you more control and enables you to lower the branches cut on the ground slowly and carefully.
  3. The trunk is to be cut in small sections, moving from the top down to the ground. The higher the section is, the harder it falls when being cut down and left to fall freely. Such falls can easily result in an injury of a performer or property damage. Important to know a way of cutting down a tree in sections.
  4. Once you have gotten rid of the branches and the trunk, you can trim a remained stump with a chainsaw or remove the stump completely.
  5. To ensure the safety of the estate foundation and landscape integrity, extract the roots with extra attention. We strongly advise consulting a professional on the condition of the tree and the share of the root system that is to be removed. In addition, they can provide you additional equipment, such as the root barriers, to prevent any further possible damage.
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Helpful Video: How to Cut a Tree Down Close to a House

In this video, you will see the reliable way to safely cut a tree down close to a house.

All in all, it is not that hard to learn how to cut a tree down close to a house. However, the experience might still be unpleasant, especially if you are not used to working with trees.

To save yourself some trouble and possibly prevent the necessity of cutting a tree down, before planting your next tree, get familiar with the specifics of the type of tree you are about to plant.

Remember that the distance between the property and the plant has to allow a big mature plant of the kind chosen to grow freely.

As a rule, larger trees are planed forty feet away from the building; medium-sized and smaller trees find themselves safe at the distance of twenty feet.

If you have any questions about how to cut down a tree with a chainsaw near a house left, Elite Tree Care is always there at your service.

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