Tree service equipment

Tree Service Equipment

Tree service equipment selected correctly contributes to your effective work; therefore, you do not always need to use the newest technologies. If you are looking for tree cut equipment, you can contact Arbor Tree Experts. The professional team knows a lot about thorough tree care and has the necessary equipment depending on your preference. Talk to a company representative to learn more about its services.

Spider Lifts (Tracked Aerial Lifts) – A Breakthrough In Tree Care

Arbor Tree Experts has two kinds of Spider Lifts. The use of each kind depends on the complexity and duration of work: the first one prolongs to 60 feet, the second one broadens to 82 feet. Tracked Aerial Lifts as a type of equipment are very convenient and save a lot of time and effort. This tree cutting equipment will help you in any working situation because it is able to go anywhere and withstand all conditions.

Equipment : Spider Light

The advantages are that Spider Lifts are lightweight compared to other machines and can even get into the most inaccessible places of the desired territory. In addition, they will not harm your lawn, garden or fence.

These machines can work not only on the street but also on electricity and the battery indoors. They are significantly small in size, therefore able to pass through your doorways and gates, climb stairs and overcome heavy climbs.

There are a lot of tree service equipment types. Some of them are:

Aerial Bucket Truck

This tree removal machine is powerful, can work at the height of 60 pounds, and quickly prunes and removes trees.

Tree Chippers

This machine is fully automated. It is able to crush branches and logs of almost any size (up to 19 inches) into a sliver. Next, the resulting chip is loaded into dump trucks.

Video: Tree service equipment. Mini Skid Steers

This video is about a new mini skid steer at work. This type of tree removal equipment has almost the same capabilities as a Spider Lift. It is smaller and can also pass through standard gates. His task is to take the sawn trees from your yard.

Crane Truck

The truck crane that the company provides has great technical capabilities and is capable of raising logs weighing up to 7 tons. It works at heights of up to 40 pounds, can hold and transport logs up to 14 pounds long.

Tree Equipment: Crane Truckrvice Equipment

Tractor With Grapple and Bucket

During large work, this machine can easily lift heavy trees and branches, as well as quickly transport them. In addition, if there is excessive grass growth on your site, the machine will remove unfavorable vegetation and maintain a pleasant park atmosphere.

Telescopic Power Pole Saws

Such a tree trimming machine is ideal for the care and trimming of decorative trees. Choose this type of equipment if you want to give your trees the perfect shape.

You can also use Hedge Trimmers for pruning bushes and shrubs.

Chain Saws

The professional team of this company has a large number of chain saws of various sizes. The choice of a chain saw depends on the complexity of the work and the size of the tree. Therefore you can use small and large chain saws; each tool is selected individually.

Of course, there are not all types of services that the company offers. The firm works not only with trees and logs but also with unnecessary stumps. Most often, this hard work requires heavy equipment. This is why the company offers stump grinding equipment and leveling services. The functions are:

  • 50 and 60 HP tracked self-propelled machines;
  • Depth of cut 20 inches below the surface;
  • 48 inches cutting height above the surface;
  • The trailer is towed behind;
  • 24-inch cutting depth below the surface for large tree stumps;

Tree service equipment

In addition, if you need to pull out another machine on a trailer, you can order a 4×4 truck. The truck will help deliver the stump chopper or skid steer loader to the desired site.

You can even order services of snow removal for your site because the company has this type of equipment. For these purposes, the company will provide trucks of the right size with snowplows.

Professionals will also help you to remove snow even from the most inaccessible places. The company is even able to provide de-icing in winter, so people can walk and stay safe.

Thus, the company is ready to provide any tree removal equipment and make your life even easier. Remove unfavorable trees and keep your territory beautiful!


Cutting Tree Branches: 10 Best Tips for Removing Tree Limbs

Cutting Tree Branches, or How Do I Cut Overhanging Limbs? (2023)

Cutting tree branches or overhanging branches is an inseparable part of a property owner, whether it’s trimming of the beloved tree that has been amusing you for several decades now or cutting off that branch that has been hanging over your parking slot dangerously close to the ground.

Whatever is your case – we prepared a short guide for you to understand what steps you should follow to get your tree branches cut and make it safe and sound.

Before you start cutting tree branches

As scary as the process might appear to you when bracing yourself and preparing to type in the search bar “How to cut tree branches?”, removing tree limbs is actually not that much of work.

Cutting Tree Branches: 10 Best Tips for Removing Tree Limbs
How to cut tree branches

First things first, let’s review all equipment and skills you would need for this unforgettable adventure – cutting tree branches.

Backed up with bravery and the absence of the fear of heights, please make sure you do not have any dizziness, headache, increased blood pressure, balance problems, or anything that can cause falling down from the height. Next, we check the equipment for limb removal:

  • An extension ladder
  • A chainsaw
  • A rope
  • A pruning saw or pole saw
  • Safety equipment, like goggles, gloves, and other things you believe you may need to protect yourself from small branches, insects, etc.

Before you start, read the instructions on the equipment used and make sure to strictly follow them. We also strongly advise you to have an assistant during the whole process (you can ask your relative, a friend, or a neighbor) who would be able to give you a hand in case you require help or things get out of control.

If you do not feel confident of cutting tree branches yourself, lack the equipment, possess any of the symptoms from the list of medical precautions, it would be best if you could hire the professionals to do the job.

10 easy steps to cut tree branches

If you still are full of energy and determination to push through this dangerous mission yourself, here are the steps you can follow to make tree limb removal flawless and easy.

Cutting Tree Branches: 10 Best Tips for Removing Tree Limbs
How to cut tree branches
  1. Place the ladder at a 75-degree angle to the roof against the building next to the tree a branch of which you wish to cut. Make sure to have your ladder extended enough (3 feet above the roof at least)
  2. Get to the top of the ladder and make it to the roof so that you have solid support during the operation. Important: if you cannot find the spot that allows reaching the branch without leaning over the space with no solid support, do not risk your safety and order professional service with a cherry picker to get the job done.
  3. In case you are able to reach the branch from the stop you chose, cut a small section of the branch with the chainsaw or pruning saw. This section should be small and light enough so that you can hold it and drop when having done the cut without difficulty and/or putting your balance in jeopardy.
  4. Repeat step 3 several times until you are not able to reach the branch anymore (branch, however, might still have some undesired length)
  5. You may stop at this point if you find the results of your work satisfactory. However, if you desire to cut the branch further, you need to change your location and make the following preparations:
  6. After a thorough examination of the branch and making sure it can support the ladder and your weight, you can lean the ladder next to it and continue cutting the branch in small sections. Look out to not cut too close to the point of contact between the branch and the ladder! In case if you have your doubts about the security of this step, we encourage you to skip it.
  7. Once there is no more space on the branch to put the ladder against, it is time for the third (and the last) phase of the operation. Make your way up the ladder to the branch and tie a rope to it at least 1 foot away from its edge. The end of the rope should reach the ground and have a slack of the length of the remaining branch.
  8. This time the ladder is to be put against the tree trunk; the position should be stable and solid, close enough to the branch so that you could reach it with the best saw for cutting tree branches without much leaning forward.
  9. While you perform the cut, ensure your assistant is pulling the rope away from the property to avoid any possible damage. If the branch is too thick or heavy for a person to handle it, ask you, assistant, to tie the rope to the car to effectively pull it away.
  10. When the mission is accomplished and the branch is successfully cut, make sure to fold down the ladder back to its storage state and collect all your instruments. Check the roof and the other branches of the tree for any items left behind.

Useful Videos: Step-By-Step Cutting Tree Branches

In these videos, you will find out how to cut tree branches properly and how to trim a tree limb that is out of reach


Cutting a tree branch, bear in mind

Speaking generally, cutting limbs and trimming trees is not a difficult procedure. However, it does involve a certain level of risk and a set of precautions is to be taken (we talked about them at the beginning of the article, if you skipped that part, we advise you to get back to it and devote a minute of your time to look them through).

Now that you have a clear picture in mind about how to cut tree branches, we have some tips to share with you that would enhance the safety of the operation and make the experience more enjoyable.

Thorough preparation is the key. Not only you need to have all the equipment at hand and gather all your courage to cut the limbs yourself, but also there are preparation actions to be taken.

Inspect your tree first; understand what exactly it is that you need to remove (if there is anything to remove at all), look out for slippery spots, and unstable surfaces as you move around during examination.

Such checks better are run on a permanent basis with desired frequency (however once a month is considered to be sufficient). You do not necessarily require a ladder to inspect your tree; a pair of binoculars can be used for the inspection of branches that are hard to see from the ground.

Next, when you understand the scope of upcoming work, make a plan. Choose carefully in what sequence you need to cut the branches when there are several to be cut and where and how you place the ladder.

Cutting Tree Branches: 10 Best Tips for Removing Tree Limbs

Cut by small pieces. As we mentioned in the easy steps, the branch is always to be cut not the whole one at once, but step by step in small pieces that you are able (except the last one) to hold with your own hand.

This way you would keep the situation under control and not risk dropping the piece of wood, jeopardizing your balance or risk to fall.

Don’t cut the branch collar. When it gets to the last final cut, which is believed to be the most difficult to perform, you would want to make your cut right above the spot where the collar is. Please ensure not to remove any part of the collar itself! Collar plays an utmost important role in the healing process.

When damaged, it cannot perform its function right, and the tree risk getting infected or rot. It is a highway to a tree’s death.

Make the branches short enough. First, it will give you the ultimate level of satisfaction with the completed job, because what can be more beautiful than admiring the fruits of our own efforts?

Second, leaving part of an unnecessary limb would result in the tree having difficulty with forming the scar tissue that keeps the wound open for too long and can result in potential infection.

Do not use tree paint. Despite common beliefs, tree paints that are advertised as tree wound dressings and healing supplies often do more harm than good.

Trees have the amazing ability of self-healing, as long as they are provided proper opportunities and conditions. Let that tree cuts dry, and you will see your tree happy and healthy in no time.

Use the right tools. All the tools you decide to use for tree limb removal must be clean and sharp. Dull rusty saw leads to infecting the fresh wound and drastically decrease the tree’s chances of healing properly.

Timing matters. Just like for human beings, trees are very sensitive to the season changes, temperature, humidity, etc. Certain times of the year are better for trimming than the others.

Winter is considered to be the best season for such manipulations due to the favorable temperature conditions; in cold the flow of the tree sap is slowed down since there are no leaves to nurture, and the infections and bacteria are less active during this period of time, so your tree is less likely to get sick during its healing.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help. It might be the hardest part of all – to admit you have problems and call the specialist to assist you with them.

However we ensure you, the money you pay and the displeasure you might experience is worth having your tree being treated properly, saving your property from potential damage, and avoiding risking your health.

Where To Cut Your Own Christmas Tree - 8 Basic Places

Where to Cut Your Own Christmas Tree Around Philadelphia and the Main Line (2023)

If you wonder where you can cut your own Christmas tree, then we advise you to visit the Christmas tree farm this year. You may have never heard about this place, but it will be a great excuse for your family to spend time together!

Why should you choose a special farm?

Pine trees are specially grown on these farms, you don’t need a tree cutting permit and you can always take one of them home for Christmas and decorate with the whole family. So, a truly festive atmosphere will reign in your home.

Buying a Christmas tree on a farm is better than buying a Christmas tree in a shopping center parking lot, as many people do.

In addition to this, many people have recently complained about spotted lanternflies on their Christmas trees. To avoid this, take the advice of professionals from Philadelphia and go straight to the farm. There you can cut your own tree or order this service.

We advise you to contact the company in advance to find out if they have trees and specify the time when you can do it. Prepare carefully: take special equipment with you and put on clothes that you do not mind getting dirty.

Stock up on a thermos of hot chocolate to keep warm after hard work!

Go to the farm after you have completed the required steps.

We will tell you about the places to cut down Christmas trees around Philadelphia and the Main Line.

Cut your own christmas tree
Cut your own Christmas tree

Chester County

You can cut your own Christmas tree on two farms in Chester Country: Marsh Creek Tree Farm and Tricolor Tree Farm.

Marsh Creek Tree Farm

This place offers a selection of over 30,000 trees ranging in height from 6 to 16 feet. Other farm services are also available to you:

  1. wagon rides
  2. buying decorations for your tree (wreaths, garlands)
  3. free hot chocolate
  4. souvenir shop

The farm also sells B&B trees (Ball and Burlap) which can be planted at any time. The staff will definitely provide you with a saw and guide you to the right place. In addition, there is a hayride on the farm that will help you in case of injuries or falling of a tree.

When you return with the tree, you will receive a cup of free hot chocolate. Everything here is created for your comfort!

Tricolor Tree Farm

Tricolor Tree Farm is a place for a wonderful family winter holiday nestled between West Chester and Downingtown. The 55 acres of land has a large number of Christmas trees that you can cut down yourself, or the drilling and packing service will do it for you.

Available time for visiting is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm (starting from November 23 to December 23).

Cut your own tree, choose decorations, and then taste the delicious hot chocolate.

For details visit the farm’s website or call 610-269-1034.

Where To Cut Your Own Christmas Tree - 8 Basic Places
Cut your own Christmas tree

Bucks County

If you live in Bucks County, visit the AGA Farms and the Tuckamony Farm which are places to cut down Christmas trees.

AGA Farms

The preserved farm has an area of ​​100 acres where you can also meet friendly dogs. Here you have a large number of services available: self-cutting a tree, buying an already cut down tree, or a tree with roots that you can plant after the holidays.

Children love playing with the animals on this farm. Parents will be happy when the workers bring their tree into a good condition (clean, file, tie) and attach it to the car. There is also a shop on the territory where you can buy gifts and various decor items.

The farm is open every day from 10 am to 5 pm. If you want to know more, call the farm on opening day at 215-795-0660 or visit the website.

Tuckamony Farm

It is one of the oldest Christmas tree farms in the country. This place is specially designed for self-cutting of a tree, but there are also already felled Christmas trees, fresh holly, and hand-made wreaths for decoration.

The farm is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm (even on Saturday and Sunday), but closed on Mondays.

Have any questions? Call 215-862-9510 or view information on the website.

Where To Cut Your Own Christmas Tree - 8 Basic Places
Cut your own Christmas tree

Delaware County

If you are from Delaware County, visit the Linvilla Orchards farm. Take a hayride over the rolling hills of this farm and stroll through the evergreens for your perfect tree. Or you can also buy a sawn tree.

This is the place for a real family vacation! Feel the winter atmosphere and roast marshmallows over a fire or have an apple cider. The following services are also available for you:

  • Visiting Santa in December;
  • Handicraft classes at the Garden Center on weekends;
  • Running around the Playland Playground;
  • Visiting the Barnyard animals;

Want to know more? Check the farm’s website or call 610-876-7116.

Montgomery County

Montgomery County has the largest number of places to cut down Christmas trees. Choose a farm closest to you and enjoy the time spent with your family!

Boswell’s Tree Farm

The farm has been run by a local family for over 70 years. Boswell’s Tree Farm is a hidden gem of the State and really worth your visit because it preserves the traditions of Christmas.

The owners of the farm will make a great impression on you: they are friendly, open-hearted, and happy to answer your questions.

The farm has a wide selection of beautifully shaped trees that you can buy at reasonable prices. Here you will find all the necessary equipment: a machine for picking trees, a rope for tying a tree to your car, and much more.

Where To Cut Your Own Christmas Tree - 8 Basic Places
Cut your own Christmas tree

But all services are available only for cash payment, so do not forget to go to the ATM in advance. Here you will definitely find your perfect Christmas tree!

Hague’s Christmas Trees

Choose any tree you want in the field. Plus, Hatfield’s team offers fresh-cut trees and even wreaths for your Christmas tree. This farm is a family business and the owners provide decent service to all clients.

It is open from Thanksgiving until December 24th. On weekdays you can arrive from 1 pm to 8 pm, and on Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm.

If you want to know more details, call 215-368-4542 or visit the website.

Useful Videos: Cut Your Own Christmas Tree

In these videos, you can see how and where and  you can cut your own Christmas tree


Corkum Tree Farms

Corkum Tree Farms in Collegeville will satisfy all your needs and present the best Christmas tree. On this farm, you can cut down the tree yourself or buy a freshly cut tree that is already prepared for transportation on the roof of the car.

A professional team has been in the industry for over 20 years and knows exactly how to create a festive atmosphere.

Everything you want is here:

  • wreaths
  • garlands
  • greens
  • holly
  • boxwood
  • blankets
  • rope
  • and even knitted hats and gloves

All these accessories and other necessary equipment can be found in the barn after you receive your tree. The farm opens on November 29 and works according to the following schedule: from 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays and from 8 am to 6 pm on weekends.

Where To Cut Your Own Christmas Tree - 8 Basic Places
Cut your own Christmas tree

If you need more information, visit their website or call 610-489-3448.

Varner Farms

Picking up your own Christmas tree at Varner Farms in Collegeville will definitely appeal to you if you’ve already picked your pumpkins this season. This farm is a family-run business with top-quality service.

If you want to cut your own Christmas tree, a Belgian horse-drawn or a tractor-pulled wagon will take you to fields of over 90 acres.

But there are times when you don’t like cutting down the tree yourself. Then you can buy a pre-cut tree. On the farm, you will be invited to enjoy delicious hot chocolate or apple cider while the workers tidy up your tree.

Visit also the gift shop, farm animals, and train exhibitions. The farm is open from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Saturday and from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Sundays.

Check the farm’s website or call 610-489-8878 for details!

Emergency Tree Removal Near Me: Professional Services (2021)

Emergency Tree Removal Near Me In CT (2023)

What will you do if you need to delete a tree urgently? Personally, I will start looking for emergency tree removal near me. It is very important because you have to do something about this problem. So, let’s take a detailed look at our actions on the example of cutting tree branches and tree cutting services near me.

Remove Diseased, Pest-Infested and Dead Trees

The specialists at Hayes Service love trees, but we also have to resort to removing them when they can’t be helped. Although we do our best to restore damaged trees, sometimes they can’t be saved. In this case, you will need our prompt services to remove trees quickly.

Dead trees are not able to grow and recover, and they are also a huge danger. That’s why you need tree-cutting companies near you.
Emergency Tree Removal Near Me: Professional Services (2021)
A man cuts down a tree

Let our tree cutting service take care of this. We use the most advanced technologies in this field to effectively and safely remove deadwood. We use our own equipment, and do not use the services of other employees, and do not use other people’s equipment.

What does this mean for you? This means that our services are more affordable and of higher quality than those of other tree removal companies in this area.

We are a local company that uses the resources of a national business, so our customers can expect a high-quality service that is fast, and our staff is extremely friendly.

Useful Video: Emergency Tree Removal Near Me

In this video, you can see the professional work of a tree service company that has the best and efficient equipment to provide affordable solutions to meet your needs for pruning and removing trees.

What Should I Do If a Tree Falls?

If a tree has fallen, whether due to a storm or weak roots, Hayes Tree Service will provide its emergency services. Fallen trees should be removed as quickly as possible. Especially if they fell on your house or any other vital structures. Learn more about our emergency services by visiting our page.

Why Should You Choose Our Company?

The answer to this question is simple – we care about our customers. As for us – we don’t just cut down trees and branches. We try to be the best company in the industry, while also improving the environment.

Tree maintenance is the best way to achieve this. We are always ready to show up at your home dressed in professional clothing, offering our upfront prices as well as a friendly smile.

A man cuts down a tree
Tree Removal Near Me

Providing affordable, professional services in Connecticut, Hayes Tree Service offers solutions to tree care issues, as well as tree removal services in Middlesex and New London County.

If you are looking for efficient and professional tree removal and pruning services, in Groton CT, Mystic CT, or Waterford CT, then you have come to the right place. Allow our company, which has the equipment, license, and insurance, to provide affordable solutions to meet your needs for pruning, cutting tree branches and removing trees.

We are ready to serve You.

Do You Need Tree Maintenance In CT?

Our company is here to provide you with the necessary services. Just give us a call and we will gladly provide you a FREE (Yes, free) Estimate for your tree removal, tree trimming or stump grinding! We are based out of East Lyme CT but travel to nearby areas for all types of tree care.

Just call us and we will help you solve your problems.


A Guide of Cutting Down a Tree in Sections-7 Efficient Tips

The Homeowner’s Guide to Tree Removal: Cutting Down a Tree in Sections (2023)

The process of cutting down a tree in sections isn’t as easy as it can seem to be. Only small trees can be liquidated without the help of specialists. The ways, describing how to do it on your own correctly, will be presented below in a separate paragraph.

What about large trees, in comparison with small ones, they bring much more nuisances to their owners.

Trees are the inalienable part of our planet’s flora, as they perform in the role of the lungs of the Earth. However, even trees can become redundant and dangerous to humans’ lives. There are some reasons that make people get rid of trees:

  1. In case when the tree is diseased;
  2. If the tree is seriously harmed, and subsequently, loses the ability to grow and to thrive;
  3. The tree that makes too much shade;
  4. The tree that is growing very close to the house, and thus, brings more problems than benefit
A Guide of Cutting Down a Tree in Sections-7 Efficient Tips
Cutting down a tree in sections

Ordinary people, who don’t know how to cut down large trees, can make it only worse. There is a high likelihood that in the process of removing a tree, they will get injured or inflict damage to their houses.

It is a professional who knows exactly, how to cut down a large tree, as he has dexterity in this deal, a great experience, and in addition, all necessary equipment that contributes to removing large trees without any risk for owners health and property safety.

When we speak about large trees, we should understand that in most cases the necessity of cutting down a tree in sections arises. It’s a perplexing and labor-consuming process that will be explained in detail a bit later.

In the following paragraph different kinds of tree defects, that make our ‘friends with leaves’ candidates to removal, will be defined.

In What Cases, a Tree Should Be Cut Down?

First of all, it’s necessary to determine the condition of a tree before cutting it, as it can turn out that your so-called ‘candidate to removal’ can continue living a long life without bringing problems.

It’s important to realize that not all tree defects are equal. If the deformities of your tree correspond to paragraphs, enumerated beneath, it means that you need to cut down your ‘friend with leaves’:

  • 50% of the tree is damaged;
  • Splits that spread over a quarter of the tree surface, including both the trunk and the branches;
  • Trees that are tilted more than 15 degrees;
  • There are roots lifted above the soil;
  • The tree that isn’t damaged but is inherent in diseases, breaking and producing a lot of remains, messing the yard;
  • Bad disposition, for instance, if the tree is growing on the precipitous surface, or infertile soil
A Guide of Cutting Down a Tree in Sections-7 Efficient Tips
Cutting down a tree in sections

Now, when you have already defined that your tree should be removed, it’s better to play it safe and to find out if you are allowed to cut down the tree.

Make Sure Whether It’s Legal To Cut Down The Tree In The Area Of Your Living

It’s believed that tree removal is a serious process that in some cases should be legalized by the council of the town. Thus, before cutting down the tree, inquire about order to figure out if you can liquidate the tree without any official permission.

If you find out that removing the tree is illegal because of some specific reasons, such as location in a sensitive environmental area, it will be necessary to appeal to the town council and to apply for special permission, giving the right to cut down the tree.

After checking out all the details and formalities, it’s high time to discover how to cut down small and large trees.

The Technology Of Removal Of Small Trees

What do we mean when we say a small tree? A tree can be defined as a small one if its diameter is less than 10 inches. You can deal without any complications with a tree of such size.

Anyway, nobody has canceled the safety rules yet. Even the removal of the small tree demands good and scrupulous preparation. It’s strongly recommended to wear a safety garment, that generally consists of:

  1. Special gloves, made of tough material;
  2. Rugged footwear;
  3. A hard hat;
  4. Protection for ears;
  5. Safety goggles

Don’t forget to pay attention to the choice of a chainsaw. The length of its bar should correspond to the diameter of a tree. It’s recommended to have a tree felling wedge in case if the tree doesn’t fall so easily.

Besides, the best option is if you have another person, who can observe the process of cutting the tree, in order to prevent a working person if something is going wrong.

A Guide of Cutting Down a Tree in Sections-7 Efficient Tips
Cutting down a tree

Before starting to work, you need to decide in what direction the tree should fall, and subsequently, to adjust your position towards the tree. Another significant detail is the number of cuts that will fell the tree. If your tree has a diameter of fewer than 7 inches, one cut is sufficient.

If the tree is much thicker, then you will need to make three cuts. Initially, try to cut the quarter of the trunk in the direction the tree is supposed to fall.

After that make the next cut, this time 2 inches above the first one, and at the same time angling it downward 45 degrees in the way you formed a gusset. The ultimate cut should be made on the backside of the gusset and 2 inches higher than the gusset bottom. You need to cut till it’s only 10 % left between the cut made on the backside and the gusset.

Then don’t distract from the falling tree. It’s important to control the moment of its falling, as the tree can go down in the direction that you don’t expect. In this case, you must react immediately and clear the area. If the tree, on the contrary, isn’t falling, use the tree felling wedge.

The Technology Of Removal Of Large Trees

The process of cutting down a large tree is notorious for its high level of danger. That is why people, having no experience, mustn’t do it by themselves. To avoid grievous consequences it’s better to appeal to a professional tree removal service that has special tree cutting techniques.

A Guide of Cutting Down a Tree in Sections-7 Efficient Tips
Cutting down a tree in sections

When the arborist comes, first of all, he evaluates the height of the tree with the aim to define whether there is enough space in the yard to fell the tree at once. There are only two options for further actions: if the tree is quite small, it can be knocked down at once; if the tree is too tall, then the arborist applies the method of cutting a tree in sections.

Felling The Tree At Once

The specialist determines the side the tree should fall on. In most cases, the chosen side coincides with the direction the tree initially leans. Moreover, the arborist usually verifies if any defects can subsequently become a reason for ruin. Then the felling process starts.

Two people take part in this operation, one attaches a rope to the tree, while another is responsible for guiding the fall of the tree. Two cuts are made, one on the side the tree is supposed to fall and the other one on its backside.

Helpful Video: Detail Instruction of Cutting Down A Tree In Sections

Is there is a tree you want to cut down? Watch How to Use & Maintain a Chainsaw. Instruction on how to cut a tree of different sizes and video: 5 ways to save money on tree removal.

Cutting Down A Three In Sections

Here is the algorithm of cutting a tree in sections that every specialist usually follows:

  1. Cut the lower branches with the use of the chainsaw and remove them immediately from the work area so you could have a lot of space to continue your work.
  2. Estimate the height of the tree to determine the best direction for its felling.
  3. Lean a ladder against the tree in a proper position that will let you reach the necessary place.
  4. To play it safe, use a harness system, tied around the tree trunk. This construction will help you to climb the tree without being afraid to fall. However, it’s better not to risk and not to climb the upper branches, as they can break unexpectedly.
  5. Make a cut, composing seventy degrees and entering into 1/3 part of the trunk, on the side the tree will fall. After that make cut angling twenty degrees in the way that it coincides with the first cut at a right angle, forming a gusset. Make sure the gusset fell down. Then climb down from the tree.
  6. Readjust the ladder to the reverse side of the place, where you have already cut. Take the fallen gusset and climb up. Then dispose of it. Cut straight into the tree till the chainsaw goes through the gusset cut. Thus, the upper part of the tree will fall in the direction of the gusset cut.
  7. You should continue working in this way, moving lower and lower until there is only the last part left. This ultimate part can be cut without the use of the ladder.

When all the general work is over, it’s time to decide what to do with the remains of the tree. You can ask the invited team to turn the debris into something that will be useful in the future.

For example, the thickest parts of the tree might be used as firewood. The thin ones and branches as well, maybe chopped, and in the end, they may be turned into mulch. In case if you don’t need all these materials, it’s better not to toss them out, but to bring them to a special organic waste dump.

A Guide of Cutting Down a Tree in Sections-7 Efficient Tips
Cutting down a tree

Even after such a long process, one thing is left. There is no tree in the yard anymore, except the little lower part, including roots, that still remains. It’s a tree stump that you can whether leave, whether remove.

If this stump is useless and only spoils the beauty of the yard, you can get rid of it with the use of a grinding machine by your own, or you have an option to ask the arborist to do it. If the stump is small enough, it’s also possible to scoop it out with a shovel.

To sum everything up, it’s necessary to emphasize one more time that the larger the tree is the greater risk its removal has. That is why you shouldn’t cut down large trees by yourself. Don’t hesitate to call specialists. They know better than whoever, how to do everything correctly.

Furthermore, they don’t forget to take into account all the defects the tree has, to exclude the possibility of making damage to the owner’s property.

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